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Apocalypse Fund

How to speculate on the end of the world, profiting from losses

“At first, from the swollen sky blood will rain and darkness will fall. The waters of the oceans will seethe and the face of the world will be reshaped by flames and biting winds. Then intense cold will come and squeeze all existence in its deadly grip. Finally, the Earth will swallow all hope into its insides. Nothing will survive, except oblivion.” *

* Contractual Regulation: the fund manager informs that should such events occur, repayment of the capital invested is not guaranteed in the short term.

Good would-be speculators that you are, have you ever thought of betting on that? No? Well, it's time you did! Because although an imminent Apocalypse is unlikely, a financial crash is likely, and much more so, as is getting good yields from this “apocalyptic speculation”, downward, of course...

It may seem absurd, but the latest financial bright idea concerns exactly that: investing in those unpredictable events that have always governed our fragile existence. If that’s the way things are, it’s no wonder the greatest current investment trend consists in betting on the end of the world, apart, of course, from the fact that it could be extremely difficult to collect the credit, if by some remote chance the event should actually occur.

Ethical finance is put at great risk by the creation of investment funds that operate in reverse: the more the markets drop, the greater the earnings grow. It all started after the recent global financial crisis, which highlighted the urgent need to protect investments from the so-called "tail risk", aka "extreme risk", and gave birth to these "tail risk funds" or "black swan funds". Strange it may be, but this financial instrument is enjoying an incredible success that is expected to grow further.

What's more, having by now adapted to these changes, the stock markets have seen fit to create specific "fear gauge" indexes, well and truly "indicators of fear”. The funds connected to these indexes are worth billions of dollars and bet on the most varied events: from the likely fall of the euro to the feared global collapse of the markets, as predicted by the "Apocalypse fund".

So, what are you waiting for? Come on! If the end of the world is nigh, don't let the bear devour you: become the bear yourself!

                                                                                                                                               V.P., March 2012

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